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10-08-2003, 01:01 PM
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Originally Posted by mrhockey123
Theres a vast difference between quality and quantity. I know Aubin has proven SQUAT at the NHL level but Conklin doesnt seem to be the kind of guy that we can use to give Salo 20+ games off a year. We NEED Tommy to be well rested for the playoffs this year

I have to say when i heard about aubin being waived i thought about picking him up. But wouldnt that mean a)FLA would get a crack at him first (theyre a worse team) b)we'd have to waive one of our goalies? besides, i think aubin makes too much cash for what the oilers need of him.

Can somebody please tell me why we let Juice go?
Anyone who saw Conklin play last year can attest to how good he is, and that he deserves a shot. I wouldn't rate JS Aubin much higher than Conklin, nor would I trust him to give Salo 20+ games off more than Conklin.

Florida doesn't need him. They have Shields and Luongo, hence the reason that they let Valiquette go on waivers.

The Oilers let Juice go because they were going to have to lose either Markkanen or Conklin (or they felt they would). It also comes down to the fact that Conklin makes about $300k less a season.

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