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10-08-2003, 02:04 PM
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Phew without knowing the details of what happened how could anyone blame someone? Mctavish was drunk and an admitted alcoholic. From all I hear Heatley wasn't drunk. So let's pretend this happened- Dan Snyder asked Heatley to step on the peddle to see how the Ferrarri accelerated. Maybe after many requests Heatley allowed peer pressure to get to him and started accelerating. Okay he was driving but...

I don't know what happened- let's hear the details before we rush to conclusions

I completely disagree with this statement. The facts are not about Heatley drink and driving its about the speed he was driving. Peer preasure about driving a car faster doesn't clear him of wrongful doing. He didn't follow the traffic laws, speeding, drinking, it doesn't matter which part of the law is broken, the point is that he broke the law. It was his foot on the gas petal. Speed was definitly a main player in the accident and Heatley is soley responsable he that.

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