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10-08-2003, 01:05 PM
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Originally Posted by mowzie
Oilers traded down and allowed NJ to pick this kid up. I was looking the the Future 15 list and seen him on there. Did the Oilers make a mistake by passing on him? who can he be compared to? someone inform the uninformed.
Its very possible the oilers made a mistake when passing on him. I think Kevin Lowe's rant/outrage at the smallish players being pushed around in the playoffs may have put Zach out of contention. (He's listed as 5'11, 185) Could just be he felt that he could get more out of a combination of Pouliot and Stortini (it was stortini we got with that extra pick right?)

I don't think we made out too badly with the guys we got, I certainly would be a little more concerned if we picked up another small (albeit talented) forward. Thats something we have enough of.

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