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01-01-2011, 11:21 PM
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Originally Posted by JackZap View Post
probably not but he was a good depth player, that brought some sandpaper in the playoffs. Those arent easy to find IMO
At this point, seems that sandpaper or simili sandpaper is not a priority in this team. Whether we like it or not. Habs will always be my team. But I'd prefer another structure for this team that's for sure. You see other teams play and while they don't win every game like us, at the very least you have a more entertaining show AND you are under the impression that most of them are a tough opponent to play against and that you will not mess with them.

Our team, if they don't score first and can't apply their superb system right off the bat, is done after trailing by 1 goal. Not able to get the ugly goals, not able to get something going by an energy line etc. But that will last till Gauthier is there. Gainey is still around and it shows 'cause the label of the team is still intact. Just that Gauthier seems more energetic, doing more moves but always keeping the label of it. And Martin TOTALLY agrees with Gauthier.

Until then, as fans, we have to pray that it works out and that no matter if we like or not the style we're playing, that in the end, only the wins are important and we'll achieve that.

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