Thread: Speculation: Next Years Winter Classic.
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01-01-2011, 11:22 PM
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Seems pretty clear since they've used the Penguins twice they'll do whatever gets ratings. First one is new and a gimme, plus Crosby. Second is at Wrigley between two big fan bases, thirds the same but with Fenway. This had Ovie and Crosby. My guess is they'll do whatever appeals to a wide fanbase.
If they ever could do it in a warm climate facility like Dodger Stadium, that would be wild, and help grow the game in the southern part of the country, where population is obviously most lacking.
But if that is the case, how much diversity is there for the future of the classic. Certainly they can't keep re-running teams, and if they use only American teams to get American ratings, then every year the game is hinged upon using northern teams, of which only a handful are appealing.
My guess is Lightning at Rangers at new Giants Stadium. Stamkos, big NY market, new stadium. boom.

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