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01-02-2011, 02:56 AM
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Went to the game last night and here's my 2 cents:

- Had about 5 different Ducks fans comment to me about how no other visiting team has more fans come to Ducks games than the Flyers. Funniest part was overhearing a little kid say "why are there so many Flyer fans here dad?" The "let's go Flyers" chants were awesome and started during warm ups. They opened the gates at 3:30 and they came out for warm ups at 4:30. You would have sweared it was a Flyer home game for that hour as anybody that was in the arena at that time were Flyer fans. A bunch of us were standing around the area where they come on to the ice and Hartnell and Powe both came out of the locker room before warm ups to say hi because they said they heard the chants.

- I'm almost convinced the reason we played so ****** was the unbelievable blonde sitting in the first row behind the benches. I was sitting 2nd row right behind her and I caught the entire team, including Berube, staring at her. And I'm not talking just during timeouts either.

- After Hartnell took that spill against the boards with nobody around him, when he came back to the bench he was laughing and the whole bench were making comments to him about it.

- They didn't show it on TV, but the hit on Timmonen by Bobby Ryan in the first 10 seconds of the game was brutal. Leino came back to the bench from that shift and had a "WTF" look on his face and said "**** me!". Speaking of Bobby Ryan, the game program had a section where it showed some of the Ducks players when they were kids and Ryan's pic showed him in Flyer stuff head to toe.

- Just my personal opinion here but it seems to me Zherdev is either not a real talkative/expressive player or maybe just a crappy teammate. Sitting right behind the bench I can see how all the boys would encourage each other, talk about things or just simply interact. Zherdev had to make sure he was always on the very end of the bench and never talked to or really interacted with any one during the entire game.

- My wife isn't much of a hockey fan but the one thing she seems to enjoy is Carbomb, she loves his 70s porn 'stach. Sitting that close to him and being able to see him fight, I think she's in love now. Speaking of her, God Bless her for letting me splurge and sit that close to the ice and the bench, unbelievable seats:

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