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01-02-2011, 03:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Spawn View Post
The thing about it is those palm strikes (not the drum beat on the back) probably hurt an awful lot. Still a lot of power behind that kind of a punch even if it looks like a slap.

I thought draw was the right call for the main event.

10-8 very clearly the first round Maynord
10-9 Edgar round 2
10-9 Maynord round 3
10-9 Edgar round 4
10-9 Edgar round 5

But holy hell what heart and detrimination from Edgar to come back in the 2nd and on rounds after being absolutely knocked silly in the 1st round. He was on the verge of being KO'd about 6 times it seemed in that first round. Even when it looked like he was composing himself he looked completely out of it on his feet. What a great recovery in between rounds.
He was intentionally slapping him to humiliate and demean him. It was all part of a show. He was goading him from the end of the 1st. Painful I'm sure but they were more of a slapping technique than a palm strike. Fairly pointless when his objective was to finish him at that stage.

Yeah I was really impressed by Edgar's heart and willpower. Stann laid a serious licken on Leben. He invited it and got the worst of the exchanges for once.

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