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Originally Posted by MountainHawk View Post
I tend to agree with the decision, and I realize that I'm on a flyers board here, but I hate it when people denigrate what athletes do because they don't like the sport. Halladay did something that has been done twice in the history of baseball, a sport with a much longer history than hockey, which was an insignificant league with 6 teams until 1967. It was one of the greatest individual accomplishments in the history of American sports. What the Flyers did against Boston was one of the most amazing team comebacks in the history of American sports. They are both just epic performances, that people will be telling stories about to their kids and grandkids for 70 years, remember where they were when Halladay threw the postseason no hitter (or the perfect game for that matter), or where they were when Gagne scored in Game 7.
This doesn't even really do it justice. Winning 4 games a row against good teams is hard... which is why it hasn't happened often in the playoffs (this is without getting into the fact that usually teams aren't in the position of 3-0 in the first place). Sweeps happen with some regularity as well... which, in the end, is really the same accomplishment in some ways.

Perfectos... are incredibly rare. Take away the postseason context and just put 4 in a row next to perfectos, and it isn't even close on the rarity scale.

The significant difference between the two is their meaning to the team.

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