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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
I understand what you're saying about the WS win, but you have to look at it from all angles.

If it was the Flyers who won that year and not the Phillies, I would've picked that as my best Flyers memory over 2004 and 2010 and 1997 (I was too young to remember 1987).

You also have to keep in mind that Philadelphia had gone 25 years without a championship (4 major sports times 25 seasons = 100 seasons of failure). Then the riots in Philly? Come on now.

The journalist in me automatically sides with the best story.

As much as I loved 2010 for the Flyers, the Phillies world series is the best sports story in Philadelphia easily of the decade, and my lifetime as well. I'd put the Flyers run in 2010 2nd right behind that for both the decade and my lifetime.

As a Flyers fan, 2010 comes first, but as a city, it's gotta be the Phils' win.
To be honest I'm completely lost with the riots remark.

I see your point... remember before the Phillies won in 1980 they had NEVER won... and had gone 30 years since their last WS appearance, which was over 30 years from the only other one... The World Series is a major accomplishment that has more farreaching importance for the City and its sports fans.

I grew u in a city of losers with only the 1960 Eagles and the two Flyers Cups and Sixers Championship in a time when there were maybe 16 cities in each league and certain cities were hoarding many of the championships. Philly was made to feel like the poor cousins. The Flyers rejuvenated the City and gave us pride the Eagles and Sixers failed to give us from more major sports... The baby team shook the World... The other teams followed suit and the City became a City of Winners.

But I digress... I certainly see your point and in its context do not argue it one iota... But in the scope of rare and noteworthy accomplishments in the entire realm of sports the Flyers did something that is more meaningful and noteworthy than merely winning a championship.

That said, the aim of every sports franchise and every sports team on any level is to ultimately win their highest respective championship... They Flyers did not do that. Short of that championship however, they did a feat that is tougher than winning a championship, just not as important.

But, yes you are correct in what you said, IMO.

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