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Originally Posted by Jester View Post

Yeah, exactly... Boston wasn't better than us. And they were notably weaker than us after the injury to Krejci in Game 3.

Game 1: OT loss
Game 2: 3-2 loss
Game 3: 4-1 loss where it could be argued that we were the better team, and they lost their best forward.

While it is surprising that we were down 3-0 and then managed to comeback and win, that wasn't a series like most 3-0 series. Whatever the number of cases where teams were down 3-0, you can probably cut it in half (at least) to arrive at teams that had a reasonable chance of winning 4-0 against their opposition (Flyers against Boston being one of those series).

A notable achievement... but the rarity of it needs to have a bit more perspective put on it. Every single time a pitcher takes the bump he has the opportunity to pitch a no-hitter... in the history of MLB playoffs, it has only happened twice.

Now, whether you want to celebrate the rarity of what you witness as a fan, or the overall meaning is something to discuss here. Without a doubt, a playoff no-hitter is a more remarkable thing to witness (and it isn't close). However, a single game does not win a series... 4 in a row does, and that has more meaning to the team.
I don't want to take away from Halladay in any way... nor do I want take away from the Flyers feat... It is remarkable that both occurred in the same year... In each case they are rare by the meaning of rare... they do not occur very often.

Hell I believe that No-Nos are a great thing... When Bunning pitched his perfect game in 1964 it was even rarer. IIRC that was the 1st in the NL (at the least the second and first in many decades) and it is remarkable that two have been pitched by Phillies... Now No Hitters and even Perfect Games are less rare, which I find to be a shame. I like the idea that witnessing a no hitter is a once or at most twice in a lifetime thing for most fans... Carlton never did it, yet had multiple one hitters... This season I have sadly come to almost expect seeing one after a pitcher goes a half game w/o giving up a hit... a great feat nonetheless, but was even greater when Nolan Ryan was doing a few times it and Lefty Carlton couldn't.

Hats off to Halladay X2.

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