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Originally Posted by Kaktus View Post
I do not think so. We are adding remaining cap room of the player we traded for. not 6M or 5.7M in this case

I mean if this was beginning of the season sure but I was talking about dead line deal.
That's how it works. Every single contract has a daily value attached to it that you add to the season long cap hit... the reason pro-rating works is because you "bank" extra cap space to use as your daily hit for the players you have on your roster.

Essentially, if you're not using all your cap space early on in the year you build up reserve cap space so that you can spend more than the average per-day that will get you to the cap ceiling.

Every single day the Flyers are spending to the average per-day that will hit the cap ceiling (actually, they're spending more... but lets put that on the side). So, they don't have any extra cap space to take advantage of pro-rating a deal at the end of the year. They don't have 1M in cap space built onto the roster, which is the equivalent of 2M in cap space halfway through the season.

They have 0... so whatever Vokoun makes, that what you need to send back.

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