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10-08-2003, 01:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Kickassguy
The first detail may or may not be correct, but the 2nd one I'm quite certain isn't. Everything regarding offers and counter-offers is strictly speculation (the only concrete report I've officially heard regarding the Nucks official offer is that it would make Bertuzzi the highest paid Canuck, which means it's probably at least in the 5.5 range). Earlier in the year, Morris was comparing Bertuzzi to such players as Peter Forsberg (a ludicrous comparison, as Forsberg is way above Bert in terms of overall play) making 11 million, Tkachuk at 9 million, and LeClair at 9 million (although it's widely accepted across the league that these players are grossly overpaid right now).

Given Morris's response to the Canucks' initial offer yesterday (he stated, and I'm paraphrasing here, "With regards to the Canucks' initial offer, well, let's just say that it was rejected." That doesn't sound like they're just 1 million apart. He mentioned Demitra's contract, at 6.5 million, then essentially proceeded to say that Todd is a far better player than Demitra. I can see a contract similar to Iginla's coming through (in the 7 million dollar range) but I don't see any real way that Morris and Bert would come any lower than that given some of the previous contracts they cited.

The ramifications of Bertuzzi staying in Vancouver or not are pretty significant... true, Naslund helped Bertuzzi's game and stats considerably, but vice versa as well. If Bertuzzi isn't resigned by the Canucks, chances are that Naslund will leave as soon as his contract is up after next year as well. Which would leave the Nucks back at Square 1, essentially rebuilding again.

I really think that if Morris accepts a contract worth anything less than 7.5 million per, the Canucks should jump all over it.
interesting notes...

anyone remember Morris's tactics during the Jovo signing? who did he compare Jovo to?

that deal was done very quickly, and I'm hoping we get this one done as quickly and as painlessly as that.

I'm not all that worried about the Bertuzzi situation... Morris has to know that he has as much to lose with the CBA situation as the Canucks do - the risk is on both sides to want to get something done before that...

also it's not like Linden's situation where he's a UFA after his deal, Bert is still a RFA after this season, and all it would take is a qualifying offer for the team to hold his rights (the CBA doesn't expire until months after this offer needs to be made)... so even if we're looking at worst case scenario, we still have a very valuable asset that we can move if Bertuzzi and the Canucks just can't work out a deal...

the same can be said for Naslund, who's still got another year left on his contract... might suck for a season or two but I'm sure that we can get some valuable assets back for them that wouldn't put us totally back at square 1.

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