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Originally Posted by Copeland View Post
How did you get to such a high level (I'm guessing grade 7 is fairly high in the "learn to skate" system where you are) in just 5-6 months?

Well, in my neck of the woods you can't take a hockey class until you know how to skate, so it's either take the figure skating classes or learn on your own, so I can't really help you there
Grade 7 isn't amazingly high, but I did practice a lot!
Grade 7 is doing things like Three-turns, Mohawks and forwards and backwards crossovers, also learnt a nifty little transition from backwards to forwards which has come in very handy with Hockey (kinda like a reverse Mohawk) but it doesn't cover any of the jumps or fancy spins.
I used to do a lesson on a Sunday at 10am then would regularly stay for the whole of the public skate session afterwards until about 4pm just skating and practicing what I had learnt, during this time I also worked on speed and taught myself the basics of Hockey stops (I'm still not particularly good at them though) This has however meant that I am a lot better at doing crossovers etc on one side than I am the other due to everyone skating around the rink in one direction during the sessions.

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