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Originally Posted by Kaktus View Post
Not sure how much cap space Flyers currently have maybe 300K maybe 500K maybe even zero but if we waive Leighton and lets say trade Zherdev and 1st round pick we can land Tomas V. We'll have enough space because only about 1/3 of Vokoun's salary will count NOT 5.7M

am I wrong? I thought this is how it works. If Vokoun'd dslsry is about 2M at the dead line we need to clear 2M not 5.7
Yes you are wrong. Jester's example covers it pretty well.

The reason why a team can add a 2million dollar player halfway through the year when they only have technically 1 million in cap space is because they "bank" cap space the first half of the year. BUT, we cannot bank ANY cap space because we have LTIR commitments, so we are spending to the cap and not banking anything. Therefore, halfway through the year if we have 1 million in space, we can only add a 1 million dollar contract, not a 2 million dollar one which would have been possible due to proration.

Edit: So essentially the reason a team can add a contract and take on the prorated portion of it, is because they DID NOT spend the other part of that prorated contract prior to the player being acquired. So if you acquire a 6 million dollar player halfway through the year, you are only taking on 3 million in responsibility, but you can ONLY do that, if you DIDN'T spend the other 3 million during the first half of the year. (But this is calculated daily). LTIR forces us to spend to the cap (and beyond it), so we aren't not (yes, double negative) spending the money we need to to add a prorated contract.

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