Thread: Rumor: Beauchemin to SJ
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01-02-2011, 09:24 PM
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Originally Posted by USF Shark View Post
People think he's the same player that he was when he was with Anaheim. He was a competent defenseman who benefited from playing with two of the best defensemen EVER. He was a good #4 defenseman who was made to look like a top paring guy.

A very serious knee injury and no Pronger and Neidermeyer have left him playing poorly as a miscast 25 minute a night guy when he should probably be playing 17-18 a night. His offensive instincts are not very good, nor is he consistent enough game in and game out to really be what this team needs: a solid 3/4 two way guy.
I'm not advocating him as THE solution. He's not. And I agree he isn't as good as when he played on the Ducks. We really need a puck carrier; someone to pair with Vlasic. But as I said prior, its not as far-fetched as it might appear first take. It depends what we give in trade more than anything.

I understand that he's not playing to expectations this year and coming off a very long recovery for a knee problem. But he has played in every game for the Leafs both last year and so far this year, leading the team in ATOI, ATOI/60, and shifts per game. He can handle 23 minutes a game still. No, he's not going to convince anyone he is Duncan Keith skating and that is the type player (skating wise) we would all like. But a closer look at his his Behind the Net numbers show he is leading the team in many/most categories. He might still be a little better than a 17-18 minute guy in the right role.

Is it possible the frustration people in Toronto have with him this year have to do with the fatigue that a veteran feels when he's on a bad team with little direction for the second year? People here had all the same arguments over Blake coming .... injury prone, not the guy he was, old, slow, etc. But now everyone points Blake's presence on the team as one of the big off-season losses for the defense and leadership.

I'm not arguing for the trade and not arguing moving Seto in trade. But we also have to acknowledge there aren't many top pair guys we are going to be able to bid on at the deadline and what we have to give might make us all sick on a rental.

If this is the only thing we can come up with, that is a major improvement for the team if he can pair with Boyle and let Murray drop minutes and be more physical. It also allows a second pairing on the PP with Demers instead of Wallin/Vlasic.

All I am saying is there is some sense to the thought depending on who was sent the other way.

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