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Originally Posted by ThisIsOilCountry View Post
After playing hockey for the last 10 years I decided to take up reffing as a first/part time job. I have only done a few Novice level games this year and have already found it is MUCH harder than it looks. I find I am always in the way, missing offsides, not following proper procedures, etc. Not too mention how dusty I look, with a 1500 and one of those cheap $20 Itech visors.

I figured I would make this thread for other refs to share their experiences and give some tips to others (like myself)

So anyways, Anybody got any tips for a noobie ref?
First tip,

Never be afraid to admit you made a mistake. Don't let them push you around, but if you know you screwed up, tell the coach you screwed up and will try better next time, it stops them in their tracks there isn't anywhere they can after that, and if they do, warn them once, if they keep it up, ding them for 2.

Once you give a warning, you have to follow through, or the game will get away from you.

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