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Originally Posted by JABEE View Post
When Pronger's 5 million is off the books for this long does that allow the Cap to build up? Why can't they put Walker, Leighton and Bob in the minors and make the Vokoun trade with that space plus whatever we are sending back?
Nope. LTIR (which Pronger is not on IIRC) is actually the problem. We can't bank any cap space because LTIR is letting us go OVER the limit. If we are OVER the limit, we aren't seeing any savings, therefore there isn't anything to bank.

The simplest way to look at it is...if you are using LTIR, you aren't banking cap space, therefore you can't really acquire a prorated contract.

We could put Walker, Leighton and Bob in the minors. But first Walker needs to get healthy. After that we'd need to waive him and Leighton, and after they clear, send them down. Bob we could send down freely.

If all of those things happened we would see a 5 million savings on the cap. Once we are UNDER the cap (truly under it, meaning not utilizing LTIR), we would begin seeing daily cap savings, which would eventually enable us to acquire a prorated contract.

Edit: I think the easiest way to look at it is, let's say the cap is $100 and the season is 50 days long. We can ONLY spend $100 for the ENTIRE year. That equates to 2 dollars a day. Well, if you are only spending 1 dollar a day for a lot of the year, you are "saving" 1 dollar a day, which you can then spend later (aka proration). So later in the season, if you acquire a prorated contract, you might technically be seeing a $3 a day cap hit, but that's ok becaue earlier in the year, you were only at $1 a day. LTIR effs it all up because you are granted an exception to spend more than the $100 and $2 a day. So there is no banked savings.

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