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Originally Posted by JT Dutch View Post
... The Winter Classic might be good for the NHL, but it was a lousy game, horrific ice, and the coverage was absolute ****. I couldn't care less whether the Kings were involved in one or not. Not really interested in seeing the retarded "analysts" like Don Cherry spend hours and hours crying and bemoaning that a Los Angeles team was even in a Winter Classic game to begin with; never mind the howling that would take place if a game was played IN L.A. Don't need it.

And as for 24/7, it was mostly a nice thing to see, but I pretty much learned that there's an actual head coach in the NHL who is a drooling obese mongoloid who can't comprehend wiping the ****ing meat sauce off his mouth, much less understand the nuances of the NHL game. How embarrassing.
I couldnt disagree with you more. The ice and weather conditions were the same for both teams. There was no advantage either way. Whether it was a lousy game or not it is a great event, and much needed coverage for our league as the NHL is lost in between the NFL, NBA, MLB, and hell Nascar even..

Plain and simple. Our game needs the exposure. It needs the average fan. It needs a bunch of people who dont know a damn thing about hockey tuning in and saying "OH ****.. theres 80,000 people watching a hockey game.. and its outdoors!.. wow what a hit!.. theyre fighting!! .... etc" .. You catch my drift.

As for 24/7.. I think its very entertaining and true to life... and again.. it is some much needed coverage and exposure for our game..

Simply put. The NHL needs a fanbase outside of Canada. The Winter Classic and 24/7 are deifnitely helping achieve that. I for one like the new NHL.. its faster paced, less stopages.. loads of young talent top and bottom around the league..

The future looks bright

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