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01-03-2011, 12:03 AM
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Franson will hopefully turn the corner in the next year or so as well and if he does, we'll have 4 solid guys back there on the blue line that are still quite young. Franson has some very good tools on the offensive side. If he learns to play on the defensive side a little bit better he could be a very valuable player.[/QUOTE]

While I agree with your assessment on Klein I continued to be baffled with people's overreactions to Franson's play. Is his play perfect and does it have plenty of room to improve? Sure, but all in all I'd say he is doing damn well. Let's list the reasons people said he will never be a good NHL player.

1. He is a terrible skater.

While he will never be a burner or super agile I think he has proved his skating doesn't constantly get him beat.

2. He can't play Defense.

He isn't now or will never be a shut down D man. But compared to the way some have talked about him for years he is playing much better than I anticipated defensively. He still has room for improvement as he gains more experience.

People also fail to realize guys has different roles. Boullion for example plays a straight ahead simple game. Chip pucks in and chip pucks out. That's why you don't see a guy like him make passes that get picked off like Franson's did tonight. He doesn't make those passes that's not his role. Franson is an offensive puck moving D-man. One of his jobs is to make that great pass on the breakout to get forwards some space and get them the puck in favorable situations. That job is obviously way more high risk than say Boullion's job.

Obviously Franson is young and he has to learn to pick his spots and not force it like he did a few times tonight but considering his age and experience at the NHL level I don't understand why he isn't more highly valued to Preds fans.

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