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Originally Posted by sens4life View Post
Heading down to Florida in january. We will be staying in Orlando and driving down to Tampa for the january 23rd game vs Atlanta.

Looking for 3 tickets for myself and 2 kids under 3. Box office it is?? We'd like to buy our tickets in advance just to make sure, but figure a Sunday afternoon game vs Atlanta won't be a big draw.

Are there any promotions locally as far as buying tickets cheap (ie. local supermarkets, etc??) Didn't you guys have a vodka promotion at some point a cpl years back?

Also, any tips on parking??

Cheers and looking forward to visiting the arena and what should be a good game!!
While I didn't get an answer directly, read this post over and got some of the answers including parking but still don't know where to get tickets, unless box office it is for the January 23rd game vs the Thrashers? Box office is about $35 a ticket. I'm assuming my 1 year old can get in free. Ebay looks good - any problems with purchasing from ebay? What about

It is a 5 pm game, and we're planning on driving in from Orlando earlier in the day and get some shopping in. We're estimating 1.5 hours driving back and forth - is that ok?

Cheers everyone - looking forward to it!

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