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Originally Posted by predfan24 View Post
While I agree with your assessment on Klein I continued to be baffled with people's overreactions to Franson's play. Is his play perfect and does it have plenty of room to improve? Sure, but all in all I'd say he is doing damn well. Let's list the reasons people said he will never be a good NHL player.

1. He is a terrible skater.

While he will never be a burner or super agile I think he has proved his skating doesn't constantly get him beat.

2. He can't play Defense.

He isn't now or will never be a shut down D man. But compared to the way some have talked about him for years he is playing much better than I anticipated defensively. He still has room for improvement as he gains more experience.

People also fail to realize guys has different roles. Boullion for example plays a straight ahead simple game. Chip pucks in and chip pucks out. That's why you don't see a guy like him make passes that get picked off like Franson's did tonight. He doesn't make those passes that's not his role. Franson is an offensive puck moving D-man. One of his jobs is to make that great pass on the breakout to get forwards some space and get them the puck in favorable situations. That job is obviously way more high risk than say Boullion's job.

Obviously Franson is young and he has to learn to pick his spots and not force it like he did a few times tonight but considering his age and experience at the NHL level I don't understand why he isn't more highly valued to Preds fans.
Franson seems to like passing the puck to the middle of the ice. Unfortunately, he does this when he panics or is not in a good position to see the ice in front of him. He needs to make the better play and push the puck towards the boards. It may result in a turnover but at least it's not gonna burn us as bad since a puck turned over at center ice usually means the opposition skating right into our zone with speed.

Cody is getting better but I see these passes a few times a game still and until that improves, he's going to get verbally slapped on these boards.

I find it funny that you compare Franson with Bouillon and that they play different games but then the comments about Klein by you or someone else say he's scarier with the puck. You say that Franson has the puck more and it's his responsibility to make break out passes and sometimes he's gonna miss. Well, Klein plays the same role on his pairing for the most part so why is he not given the same playing field when it comes to criticism?

I'll ask this in all fairness to both players. Who is more valuable to the team right now for these rolls? Klein on the PK or Franson on the PP? I would tend to believe Klein is more valuable as he's usually the top minute man among the blueline on the PK lately and the PK has been pretty good this season once we laid the egg against Toronto. Franson, while he's been good on the PP, is not putting up the numbers that make the PP go as much as Klein is doing on the PK. I hope Cody does start putting up the numbers on the PP at some point in the future. It would be interesting to see what he and Ellis might be able to do on the PP in the future.

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