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Originally Posted by ThisIsOilCountry View Post
Thanks for the tips guys! I am scheduled to do a game thursday and it is my goal to make sure I don't miss any of the more linesman type calls such as offsides, icing, etc.

That being said, I beleive I am with another young ref for that game, although it is Novice girls i will remember to stand my ground and not take any crap to a certain degree.

One other question, mainly about the equipment of a referee. Right now I don't have official referee pants (I am just using black warm up pants, they look real from a distance), and I don't have any protective equipment like shin pads, elbow pads and a girdle. The reason being the stuff is so expensive. Pants are atleast 90 dollars at the pro hockey life, and the ref shin pads are more money than regular hockey pads. My question being is it ok if I were to eventually buy a cheap pair of shin pads like Bauer One15s or something rather than the CCM Ref shin pads? Could I do the same for elbow pads? Finally, I found it cheaper to buy a football or Roller Hockey girdle, could I just use that instead of the official CCM Ref stuff?
Use what's comfortable, I've done Juniors and college with nothing more than shin pads which are actually baseball umpire pads, and elbow pads.

Pants, you are going to want to get, you can probably get the cheaper online.

Do a google search for refs I don't know the actual site address, but it's a good start for equipment.

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