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01-03-2011, 05:01 PM
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Hockey Giant in Bloomington was the first $250 I wasted on skates. They were too narrow so I had cramps and arch pain galore, even after baking twice and punching them way out.

Westwood in Bloomington was the next $300 I wasted on skates. At that point they gave me the same skate in a size "wide", which solved the cramping and arch pain issue, but then the ankle and heel were too big so that after about six months of the foams breaking in (and down), my feet were twisting inside the boot on tight turns and crossovers, to the point I was losing edges in corners constantly.

I went to General Sports to ask if my holders were misaligned or something because the skates felt fine (and were still in great shape and stiff), so he had me walk around in them, then measured my foot, eyeballed them, asked me questions, and within five minutes said he never would have put me in a Vapor skate because my feet were too narrow. He had me try on a few pairs of skates and I got some Grafs on clearance plus a nice trade-in on my skates. It took a baking and two punches before I had them broken in but they are just perfect.

They also pretty much know me by sight and gave me HUGE discounts on several other things I purchased from that point on. As I was buying my skates, I talked to a few people who bought theirs several years ago and were still getting free service on them. Not to mention lifetime free sharpenings.

Trust me, if you're looking to spend more than $100, do it at a real hockey shop!

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