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Originally Posted by SensFanDan View Post
Murray is a fine coach but a mediocre GM.

His shelf life is short and he extends it by pointing fingers to others faults, pointing to his good old boy Shawville roots (boy, has he milked this with local media and fans) and the fact he has been around for 30 years, a laughably easy accomplishment in an old boys club NHL. He is driven by surrounding himself with grinders, pluggers and gritty forecheckers. It's a plan that might have worked well in the mid-90s and late 80s, but that is a relic in today's fast, speedy, youth-based NHL.

Murray's "legendary" eye for talent produced Martin Lapointe and a handful of others, Erik Karlsson owing more to Alfredsson than Murray. Tim Murray is the real mind behind the Murray clan, Bryan pulling the strings from behind. Of course, everyone forgets that this team was one of the classiest, elite teams in the NHL prior to Murray's arrival, an arrival that has heralded a descent into bottom-feeding, low-class garbage, finger-pointing and blame tossed around like a gym towel.

I, for one, look forward to a future free of the "Farm Boy" mantra, free of the "Grinder" mentality and with an eye to youth, pride, class and speed.

I, for one, welcome the future with open arms, a Murray-less future free of his poisonous tenure.

Bring it on Melnyk and do NOT let TIM MURRAY anywhere near the reins.

The good drafting he has done (Penner, Getlaf, EK and others) he should not get credit for but he should be blame for the bad ones? Whatever...

I would just make sure Pierre Dorion is not loosing his job.

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