Thread: Rumor: Beauchemin to SJ
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01-03-2011, 05:33 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyball View Post
You are right in that the environment can play a big part of a players success, however, are you willing to take that risk at the cost of asset's and 3.8m in cap space? Maybe he'll have a revival here, maybe he won't.

As for the BTN stats, I'd like to hear Easy's analysis of that. It's strange because I've watched him play quite a bit and the stats do not seem to reflect his play.

Pairing him with Boyle is probably the right option, however that leaves you pairing Murray with Vlasic, which is not ideal (I'd rather pair Murray with Demers) or moving Vlasic down to the 3rd pairing with Wallin (back to that terrible pairing again).

Boyle - Beauchemin
Murray - Demers
Vlasic - Huskins/Braun

Murray nor Vlasic belong on the bottom pairing though and should be getting more ice time than either Demers or Braun, so even those pairing do not really work. Plus a PF will probably point out, Wallin being scratched is pretty unlikely.

Boyle - Beauchemin
Murray - Vlasic
Demers - Wallin

Meh. I just don't think either of those is substantially better than what we have now, and it costs us cap space and assets.
We aren't that far apart in not really wanting this as a trade. You just don't want it period, and I am open depending on what we send, and if we sent the right assets away and this is the best we were going to be able to do, I'm OK with it. We will never know what else is out there; doable or not.

Moving Huskins/Mitchell is OK for me ... even giving a pick or prospect down the orginization. As far as cap space, Beauchemin is on an 18 month deal now and we would have to send equal salary back so its not much in cap space especially if we are sending guys like Huskins and Mitchell who earn a little more than they should anyway.

Burke probably isn't going to take Huskins and Mitchell for Beauchemin. But this is the kind of trade that we should all be the happiest with. We can keep good assets like Seto and Stalock instead of sending away multiple assets as we had to do in the Bolye trade.

As far as a Vlasic-Murray pairing, thats a massively better than Wallin-Vlasic. Murray gets a few less minutes making him a better physical player. Vlasic gets the size he needs to help him on the boards and cover his most glaring weakness, and Wallin drops down to play his natural side with Demers. The concept of the trade makes all the D pairings better and thats what you want.

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