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06-24-2005, 02:35 PM
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As a way of measuring Sather's performance with the draft and development

I propose a common standard and apply that standard against Lou's record and see how he did what he has done.

Using the NHL pension threshold of 400 games to qualify for a NHL pension. I want to measure the number of players drafted by Lou in his first 6 years as a standard as to those players being deemed NHLers by the fact that they obtained their pension. If the NHL & NHLPA deems that a fair benchmark, we should also. It will give us an indication into the success rate and the time frame it took.

However, that is a fairly tough standard. So I thought that another fair benchmark would be to see how long would it take a drafted prospect to play at least 40 games in the NHL, roughly half a season.

Both I think are fair and allows for no wiggle room. I think both are fair and as the devils have been extremely successful in drafting and developing their own players it is a standard that we as an organization should try and emulate.