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01-03-2011, 11:35 PM
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S17 in a Sakic curve, 85 flex. Best stick I've ever used, but they last a couple of months before the blade goes soft. Only time I broke an S17 was when I blocked a shot with the shaft. Easton's are great but the blades wear out quick, so I consider them a bad purchase if you're using one for the long haul.

Recently grabbed a Warrior Dolomite pro-stock Langenbrunner. Quickly becoming a big fan of Dolo's. Hopefully the retail Dolo's are comparable to the pro-stocks as I would love to try one in a Draper curve and lower flex (similar to Easton's Sakic).

Strange thing though...I noticed Langenbrunners newer gear is tagged as "LAGS". My shaft actually says "Langenbrunner", so I'm not too sure if it's an old pro-stock return or something else. It was listed on HockeyMonkey as a pro-stock, and the bottom side of the shaft says "PRO-STOCK NO WARRANTY". Curve is very similar to a Easton Sakic but with a more square toe.

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