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10-08-2003, 02:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Kritty
There is no way Gomez has higher trade value than Comrie, absolutely no way. Comrie is considered as a future star in the league, Gomez isn't. From what I see of Gomez, he's about as good as he'll ever be. I don't see him improving all that much more. Yes, he'll mature as a player but I don't think he'll get all that much better. Comrie has alot of developing to do still and will get better each year. He will be a #1 centre in the league, Gomez won't. And contrary to what you think, Comrie is not a problem child. Everyone assumes he is but he really isn't. Gets along with his teammates, gives 100% on the ice. The reason he gets this rap is because he isn't agreeing to a contract that management wants and he is upset with comments made about him. People should really know more about the situation they are talking about before they talk about it. This situation definitely does not mirror Marc Savard, this shows how little you know of the two situations.
Did I say Comrie was a problem child? Geez, try reading a post completely before firing off some ill-conceived reply. Personally, I don't think Savard is either - just a little cocksure and mouthy in his youth.

As for "Gomez not getting any better than he currently is"...what do you mean? He's the 40-point he is today for life? He has no chance of returning to the 70+ point heights he attained a few years back? Forgive me if I am not the pessimist you are. I also happen to like Gomez's all-around game much more than Comrie's...I don't share the sentiment that Comrie is a sure bet to become a #1 center in the league.

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