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Originally Posted by alesmarv View Post
You have to remember that he is late born so at the start of the season he just turned 15. Your right that he might not grow enough but at the same time he is at the point of his life where he is due for his major growth spurt regardless of how physically developed he is. I would give him another year to write him off due to size because he has been good based on what I see(I havent been out there this year) and has really been racking up penalty minuits as a midget and played a few games in juniors and scored a few goals.

At the start of the season he was listed as 165cm and 70 something kg. At his age he could still easily put on 15cm with a late growth spurt. I think once he turns 16 at the start of next season then you can start worrying about his final size if he hasnt had a large growth spurt start by then.

Edit: If in 3.5 years of his prime teen years Zboril only grows 2cm to be Pacandas height then I will be shocked. The average person his age still has about 8cm more to go, and 50% grow more than that. If he is simply late which can be the case even if he looks mature he can easily get another 12-13cm and with a large late spurt he can get much more than that.

Having said all that at this point he is a midget and if he doesnt grow he has no future regardless of his play.
I wonīt be shocked at all. His body is more of adult man than 15 year old kid. Thick, short and strong legs. Those kind of kids usually donīt grow much. Jana Kana was same case. Pacanda too.

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