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01-04-2011, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by gamblor506 View Post
I believe we will be pushing for a playoff spot.

The Habs have been very quite the past few years at the deadline. Moore last year was acquired before so.... I guess we can count him sort of as a move.

I think Gautheir is trying to make this a very hard working team with no loose ends, from first line right through to the backup goalie.

I think from last years playoffs, running into a big team like Philadelphia, we saw the need for some size. Pacioretty has added to the department, but I believe we are lacking one more big guy up front. Possibly one big tough guy for the bottom 6.

We also kind of need a defensive dman 4-6 role.

I think Gauthier is capable of getting us pieces. I find he has done a good job so far with the team. Looking forward to deadline, hopefully we can make a decent pickup while not crippling our team in a specfic area.

Just simple question Busy or Not? You can put up names of interest if you like. He has been busy so far half way through the year, but I don't know if he is trying to get his shopping done before the big rush at the deadline. I just want to know if it is going to be a different year, compared to the last couple of years, us staying status quo at the deadline and it costing/not costing us.

Costing us - not acquiring pieces to go deep
Not Costing us - not giving up good prospects and youth to make a run.

"Sometimes the best moves you make, are the ones you dont make"
Goons are useless come playoffs time (and most of the time).

We need Markov back (which won't happen) and a great offensive player (which we won't get)...

They'll barely make or miss the playoffs just like last year... if Price pulls a Halak, we might be able to reach second round, but that's it.

So, yeah, Gauthier will do the usual small trade that will help the team compete for a playoffs spot, but that will never make this team a cup contender.

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