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Originally Posted by Grave77digger View Post
Does anyone have any kids currently playing full ice games as a mite player? Seems all the parents on my kids Mite team are going crazy because the kids will be forced into playing cross ice games after already playing a season of full ice. I dont have much of a problem with it as they do, but the seem to to be the psycho OMG ALPHA PARENTs who think they know best. My kid (6yo) will be upset about it though I know that. Any input from on ice coaches? Would be silly for them to take a step backwards.
It is tough to deal with for sure. It is a shame but their attitude will be what hurts their kids development.
I have seen many, many kids who have parents who worry about all things that do not matter. (how many A's are next to their teams name, what kind of systems will their kids squirt team use, what prospects camp their kid was supposedly invited to, etc)
Don't worry, the kids who's parents promote and encourage skating, shooting, puckhandling and promote their kids having a passion for the game by playing the game in many other ways beyond the so called "real" games with refs, parents, coaches, jerseys, 3 hours of travel, etc, will be the kids that excel.

I never understood how a parent could sit back and watch their kid playing 3v3, 4v4 or 10v10, small area game during a open hockey session at their local rink and not have a smile on their face knowing that those moments are what creates a passionate hockey player who loves the game.

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