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01-04-2011, 11:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
BTW... anyone else watch CSN and hear Lisa Hilary screw up the difference between waivers and re-entry waivers? She claimed that if he's claimed the team will be on the hook for half his salary...

It would be pretty awesome if people getting paid to cover the sport knew the rules of the sport.
Originally Posted by Hovercraft View Post
CSN could be interchanged with the word Holmgren in that sentence
Which is proof that some of the more knowledgeable fans on here do actually know more then the people actually involved in the sport.

However, it is absolutely terrible that someone literally being paid to cover hockey, doesn't even know how waivers work. I can understand not knowing the details of the whole CBA considering how large and complicated the CBA is, but waivers are a really common, important, and easy thing to know. So to be paid to cover hockey and not know how they work is kind of shameful. If it were any normal job you would get hell for being around so long and not knowing how something so common and important works.

Also, she worked for the Caps before us IIRC. Have no clue why she came here though.

Originally Posted by go kim johnsson 514 View Post
She came from Washington, but she grew up in Ottawa.

Regardless, yesterday she confirmed that she really is as stupid as she looks. She said Holmgren wouldn't trade him because he didn't want Leighton, which must be why he's exposed on waivers. Also said Yzerman should want Leighton over, remember what happened in 2006? Roloson had a good playoff with the Wild in 2003 also.
I can't stand Lisa Hillary. She doesn't seem to know the sport all that well, she's not all that attractive, and she usually doesn't ever have anything of good substance to add to conversations.

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