Thread: Salary Cap: Gauthier at the Trade Deadline
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01-04-2011, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Not The One View Post
What a sad, sad statement. "Whaaa, everybody hates the Habs except for us..."

Only HFboards members have hockey knowledge.
Everybody else is a hater.
Everybody else is a moron.

Have you looked at the forum you moderate lately?
1) Never said any of that, but awesome job putting words in my mouth
2) I'm not a mod

Never said everyone else is a hater just that around the city you get a lot of haters.

Never said everyone else is a moron just that the people who hate with no real reason to are. (People who just buy up everything they hear and read and can't form their own opinion base on facts and actually watching the game but rather what an RDS cast member has to say)

Never said only HF people are knowledgeable in fact the implication being made was that optimistic people are more likely to come to HF than pessimists because optimistic people enjoy watching their team and don't cry over every little detail like pessimists do. Thus it's common sense that a site based around love for a hockey team would have people who are optimistic about it. Most pessimists for one aren't going to waste their time talking on a forum about a team they think is going no where but for two are pessimists because they buy into most of the media crap. I'm not saying there aren't pessimists out there that have good reasons and good hockey knowledge to back it up, far from it. Just saying it isn't the case most times. In most cases it's little Johnny's friends told him the habs suck so they do.

If you want to put words in my mouth and interpret what I said differently go for it, but like I said the real sheep aren't the people who have faith in their team, those are the real fans. The real sheep are those that buy into everything they're told which for the most part around this city isn't much of anything good.

Originally Posted by oberan1 View Post
Gotta love these blanket statements...
Do you have any privileged information as to the inner workings of Canadiens' management? Do you know the variables at play that led to decisions that you are so conveniently labeling as "mismanagement"? And of course, do you have any expertise into the operations/management of an NHL franchise?

I'm not saying you're not entitled to your opinion - we all are - but ignorance shouldn't give you carte blanche either. If you don't know/have any of the above information, statements like yours only serve to make you sound immature. Then again, maybe you are one of the many psudo-expert 15 year olds on these boards.

Because for the most part most haters around here are just trolls coming here to hate. They make statements like that to get a rise out of people like me but offer nothing to the discussion and really have nothing positive to say ever. They don't want to get banned by saying things too petty but instead use the statements like the one you quoted in order to get the rise out of people they hope to gain but also not get in trouble. Classic case of trolls being trolls.

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