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Originally Posted by SJGoalie32 View Post
Reffed part-time many years ago when I was still in high school. Did mostly youth league games. I'd like to think I'd be a much better ref now, but I have no intention of going back to it. Happy just playing in my spare time.

Two tips I did learn from that experience and my subsequent years on the ice as a player:

1) There were times where I wasn't sure what to call in a given situation and hesitated to make a borderline call. If you ever find yourself thinking something deserves to be a penalty but aren't quite sure what to call it, just go with either interference or roughing. Those are basic catch-alls.

2) When a game turns lopsided (7-goal lead, 10 minutes to play) a lot of refs have a tendency to put their whistles away so as to get the game over with faster and get home. If anything, I think in those situations you would be better served to INCREASE the calls you make. If you see a borderline call, blow the whistle anyway. Awarding a power play to either team in a lopsided game won't affect the outcome, but a borderline penalty that goes uncalled in a lopsided game often has the potential to turn the game ugly. You should come down particularly harsh on borderline physical plays like whacking the goalie after the whistle or riding a guy into the boards, even if it's a situation you might not have called in the second period.

A lot of refs seem to think that making calls will make the game drag out. To the contrary, I find that the lopsided games where the refs put their whistles away take longer to finish because you start getting players jousting after every rush, shoving after every stoppage, and a lot more fighting to sort out.
Never done any reffing myself, but as a player I can say that this is an excellent tip. Refs putting away their whistles at any point in the game can quickly lead to a very chippy, out of control game. If a dirty play is penalized by the refs the other team will more or less forget about it, but if no call is made the other team will try to get revenge on the ice.

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