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Originally Posted by leftwing View Post
Two points that are causing USAH headaches around us are the limitation on ice touches per week and the heavy handed approach (if caught playing a full ice Mite game the entire club loses eligibility for Districts/Nationals). USAH may have some real problems by us if they keep the strict Mite rules and then implement the proposed Squirt ADM and take away PW checking and Nationals. There's a lot of chatter among Tier II clubs in that scenario of 'why even belong, make an independent travel league'.

I could see that happening. USA hockey is trying to do to much to soon in my opinion. People that are just starting out in hockey will not have a problem with these changes. People who have been in hockey for years will. When I was growing up we didn't have to register with USA hockey before we could step out on the ice. Our coach's were parents with experience playing hockey and they didn't have to get certified to coach. Now if these things are not done you can't play or coach. Also they didn't have to follow a guide line by the letter or the team gets punished. That is where I have a problem. Like I said in an earlier post, we are limited to 15 full ice games this year. If we go over our team can not play in our year end mite tournament.

I think the ADM is great for mites, but the older kids need to start learning the other areas of the game that you don't get with cross ice games.

Also about getting rid of checking at the pee wee level I can't really say how I feel. I grew up with that at that level, but kids are getting bigger, stronger and faster.

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