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10-08-2003, 03:41 PM
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Originally Posted by oil_85
Its called accountability. It happens all the time in sport, and "grown-up" players uses it as motivation. Slats used to do it all the time with *many* of the great Oilers, let alone cocky future stars.

I can sympathize with the idea of having to live in a fishbowl. It would suck, and while I don't agree with his stance, I can at least respect that. But if this is all about Comrie being upset over being held accountable publicly, it literally makes me sick. Grow the hell up! If Comrie doesn't want to be in the spotlight, he sure made a poor career choice. And he sure as heck doesn't mind when the public and the media are fawning over him!

Just pathetic. The perception is: the first time he doesn't get his way, he takes his ball and goes home. I sure hope its not true.

I hope they let him sit out and think about it for a year, Lowe holds the cards now and i hope he plays hard ball.
Maybe by the time comrie is back in the nhl he may have growen up a little and fired his agent.

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