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01-05-2011, 08:26 AM
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Originally Posted by wej20 View Post
You're clearly not actually watching Malkin if you think he's lethargic, as Tender Rip pointed out he's trying to do too much with the puck at the moment. Some of your Hockey analysts are actually to Red Wing Bloggers. The Blog says Malkin uses takeaways to create offence which is correct but it doesn't change the fact that it's good defence on his part to. Malkin's abysmal on the draw but Staal's pretty weak himself. You pointed out Staal's producing better offensively this year (only just and we're only halfway through the season) but you seem to ignore the fact that Malkin's outproduced Staal every year and by more than Staal is on pace to outscore Malkin by this year.
Actually, its because i watch Pens games that i say Malkin is lethargic. In fact, Malkin is rapidly developing the reputation as a lazy player, because people watch his games. The fact you dont see it blows me away. Even a Pens fan in this very thread admitted hes kind of being lazy right now. And no, lol, they werent red wings bloggers. Thats just not true. And the takeaways are not indicative of his defensive play, they are indicative of his offence, and the teams aggressive forecheck (not to mention 2 years removed)

The Corsi ratings are widely known and respected by all Gm's, scouts and coaches in the Nhl. Bloggers and professional analysts seem to be at a consensus that Malkin just doesn't look the same. Google Malkin and lethargic. Again, all you are doing is making ad hominem statements. I provide stats, corsi ratings, and professional hockey analysts opinions. If you'd like ill provide more. Lots more.

Again, Malkin is not a top 3 player in the world. That is gross overrating. He's a lethargic one dimensional player who can be a defensive liability. The official report is that hes weak on the draw and along the boards. He is widely known to play lethargic and not defensively responsible. If he was producing offensively like a top 3 player in the world, id overlook his shortcomings. Buts hes not, and i dont think he will again. Carolina says no.

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