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01-05-2011, 02:01 PM
Leafs out = SPRING!
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wrapping laces around your ankle on any skate is not the best idea from what I have been told. On a new modern skate with a stiff boot and a new skater I don't think getting waxed laces is a good idea either.

Wax will lock the boot tight and while he is braking in the boot he will want the laces more forgiving loosen a bit while he skates.

As for baking, take them to a shop to have them baked. It's worth the little bit of money to get them baked as opposed to baking them and taking a chance on ripping out an eyelet or worse. (Especially since you are not familiar with skate technology)

Make sure that the person who is baking them laces them up for you. There is a talent to lacing hot boots.

I use wax laces and I agree that I like them but I like my laces to fit and not have extra lace everywhere.

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