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01-05-2011, 03:32 PM
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I wuv knuble. <3

I found this gem from none other than Sidney Crosby:
"You gonna [bleepin'] call that? [Bleep] off! [Bleep] you! [Bleepin'] [bleep]. [Bleep]. [Bleepin'] [bleep]. Right in the [bleepin'] face? That's a [bleepin'] joke."

Originally Posted by third man in View Post
Well good on him for finally adjusting. I guess the fact that this is the first time in his coaching career he's added it shows the severity of the situation. To me he saved his job with that move... Interesting of course that it also mentions that his defensemen were ill equipped to play his system properly but it took him 3+ years to adjust to it. Just playing devils advocate.
I'm waiting for him to adjust again to try and find a happy medium between his old system and our offense-numbing trap. It was a lot easier to create turnovers and enter their zone with speed using his old system, which helped Ovechkin and the rest of our skill players shine. I love that BB made an adjustment and that we're now capable of containing even the best offenses (as evidenced by our last couple games), but I'm praying that he can make another to restore our offense without destroying our newfound defense and grit. I fear that he might not, though.

And to play devil's advocate against your devil's advocate, while the defense may be, as a whole, better than it was, you could definitely argue that it's less mobile than it used to be. Poti was more mobile prior to his recent string of injuries, and Pothier/Corvo are definitely more mobile than guys like Hannan, Erskine, and Schultz. Hell, even TFS is a decent skater (albeit he can't do anything else). Granted, there was ShaMo and Jurcina, so it really did depend on which members of our revolving cast of defense were playing on any given night.

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