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01-05-2011, 04:44 PM
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Originally Posted by finchster View Post
I am not clear on the rules for switching nationality but for Zherdev and Babchuk it is next to impossible to do so since they have played official competitions for Russia. Babchuk has only played in the u18’s so perhaps there is some leeway for him, but Zherdev played in the world championships so I think he has a 0% chance to play for Ukraine. It is sad because many players who choose to play for Russia end up being secondary or depth guys for the Russian team, they would be leading stars for Ukraine. Without a professional set up however, Ukraine will always lose players to Russia.

From what I have read the Ukrainian Federation’s short term plans is to get a team in the KHL, get citizenship for some players and get those players to bolster the Ukrainian National team in the short term. Long term with a professional set up there isn’t much for Ukraine to do, while most players on the Ukrainian National team now were all born in the 1970’s, if you look at players who were born in just in Kiev, there is a steady stream of good players from that city yearly. I think a KHL team with a good youth set up could turn Ukraine around in 5 years

Pure fantasy, but if you were to get all players born in Ukraine I believe Ukraine would be better than Latvia


but look at the U18 numbers, Ukraine got totally destroyed this year, and by non-hockey nations like Japan and Britain

not a good sign of things to come...

Originally Posted by finchster View Post
As for Poland and Lithuania, I think perhaps an MHL team would make more sense for these nations. It would probably be a good first step for Ukraine as well

it would be cool to have MHL stars like Max Kvitchenko playing in Kiev, or guys like Zemchenko/Sobchenko as well

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