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01-05-2011, 05:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Blueshirt Special View Post
First of all, you started the attack with the "little girl" comment. I didn't attack any poster or even disagree with any specific poster in my OP. I merely stated that dislike the blocked shots as a strategy. So yeah, that's a twerp comment.

I never said we should not block shots. I said they overuse that tactic. I said "as a strategy is sucks". When you are blocking shots you are basically standing still, hence the "cone" comment. I asked how that helps puck possession, where's your answer to that?

I mentioned The Red Wings, any stats there? Yeah, I know we don't have that kind of talent, but our forecheck is what has been the difference this year not stupid blocked shots.

"Notice we've blocked many more shots than last year and thus have let in significantly less goals?" Says who?!

Disgruntled? I love this team. Now who's talking out of their ass.

I am not a professional athlete, pretender, wannabe. I am a spectator and a fan of hockey, and in my opinion the blocked shot strategy, to the extent that the Rangers (and other teams) have been using it over the past few years because of the newer technology equipment, is a detriment to the game. It's not what I want to watch.

Respect that.
i havent read this whole debate, but to me it all comes down to working with what you have. if we had datsyuk, zetterberg, lidstrom, franzen, holmstrom, rafalski, etc and were playing a grind it out style, id be pissed. but we dont. we have north american type straight ahead guys. we dont have a lot of skill on this team, even our most skilled player, Gabby, is really a 2 trick pony in that hes all about straight ahead speed and the quick release on his shot...hes got almost zero dangle.

our team is playing almost perfect hockey when you consider what we have to work with, and how banged up we have been.

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