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01-05-2011, 09:00 PM
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It was Winnipeg and Peeteres was the goalie, per Hockey Draft Central:

"The Phantom Trade: Acton was traded by Philadelphia with Pete Peeters to Winnipeg in exchange for future considerations on Sept. 28, 1989. Five days later, on Oct. 3, 1989, Winnipeg returned Acton and Peeters to Philadelphia in exchange for Toronto's 1991 fifth-round pick (Juha Ylonen) and an agreement to cancel the future considerations owed from a July 21, 1989, trade in which Winnipeg sent Shawn Cronin to Philadelphia. The Acton-Peeters deal was made to protect Philadelphia from losing either player in the 1989 NHL Waiver Draft. Neither Acton nor Peeters ever reported to Winnipeg during the five days between the two trades because Winnipeg general manager Mike Smith told them it wasn't necessary. At the time of the second trade, Winnipeg was given the option to take a 1990 sixth-round pick or 1991 fifth-round pick. The controversial trade prompted an investigation by the NHL, but Flyers general manager Bob Clarke argued that there was no prearranged deal in place. The trade was allowed to stand because the NHL was unable to prove that the first trade had included any plans for the second trade. However, both Philadelphia and Winnipeg were fined $10,000 for breaking a league rule that prevents teams from loaning players."

They didn't mention the Clarke Rule... but I'm certain it was created shortly thereafter.

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