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Originally Posted by WDR357 View Post

You're absolutely kidding yourself.

The max bench of men playing in the NHL has really nothing to do with the combine results of 18 year olds doing 150 for reps.

As an example, in high school football camps, they use 185 pounds for max reps. Just because they do, doesn't mean that NFL players don't bench more than 400 on a regular basis! BTW, the NHL also has the kids do a max push test and many of them exceed 300 pounds on that test. That's at 18 years old.

Your example of what is done at the combine or what players may do for keeping in shape does not preclude that they can't max out. And I'm saying that 215 pound grown men, professional athletes, usually bench in excess of 300 pounds. I can't imagine Shawn Thornton saying "I don't know how to max out, I only know how to do reps at 150/185/225 pounds"! Too funny.

Something tells me you don't exercise in a gym very often if you don't understand this.

How about this? Ask a couple of men you know, men you know who work out and exercise, how much they weigh and how much they can bench and you'll probably be astounded at how strong grown men are. Particularly compared to your average woman. This does not mean that women are not good athletes, or wonderful people or shouldn't be running companies.

300 pounds on a bench or 400 pounds in a squat is nothing to many of these professional athletes.
You aren't around many professional hockey players are you? Or guys that train them, or for that matter junior players etc?

Again, they train for muscle repetition and muscle endurance, very rarely do they max out as it does nothing for them, and if you think that professional athletes train something that does nothing for them, you are out of your skull.

Anyways, this has pretty much been beaten death, but I hate to inform you that your view of professional hockey players sitting in a gym like a bunch of teenagers seeing who can bench the most, is well, a fantasy.

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