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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
Its hard to feel sorry for Vera. I cant remember what it was, but he (Vera) did something disrespectful before that. So he gets what he gets. I dont like to see people get hurt though.

Vera hasnt been the same since he was a heavyweight. He actually used to be exciting in those days. He hasnt had a good fight in at least two or three years. I hope he gets cut.
I gotta agree with this, Vera is actually a pretty good **** talker... Not to mention it was no more "disrespectful" than Couture spanking Tito. I am super pumped for the Strikeforce tourney... I am hoping to see two fights I've been waiting for, for years, Overeem/Fedor, and hopefully Fedor/Kharitonov.... But Overeem better not look past Werdum as he already has a W over him... As for Overeem and steroids, until it is proven that he has done it, I believe him... Realistically he has only gained about 30lbs of muscle over the past 4 years... If you are gonna base guys taking steroids on their body, many people will be surpised to know Barnett has been busted 3 times.

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