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06-26-2005, 03:49 AM
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Originally Posted by stanley
Mojo, Niedermeyer is the kind of player every team could use. If available and affordable, I'd like to do business with the organization that wouldn't try to acquire him given the opportunity.
Your 100% correct Stanley.

Niedermeyer is my boy and the reason I say that is because he was the first prospect that I remember following and the start of me becoming such a fanatic with hockey prospects.

Right now in my opinion there is no better defenseman in the league today, but the thing was before that he was a work in progress that before the last few years left alot of Devils fans (including me) frustrated with his progress. But as time passed and we kept winning Stanley Cups with Nieder performing above the expectations that were expected from him based on his less stelur play during the regular seasons it eventually started to dawn to us Devils fans that his play was exactely what you wanted from a defenseman during the crunch of the playoffs. And in 2003 his play in the playoffs that helped us to our third Cup was most definitely worth of being a Conn Smythe winner and would probably have been if it wasn't for the performance of Giguere, he was that good during that 2003 run.

One of the reasons that I think Devils fans were so hard on him in his early years was that when he played for Kamloops(sp?) in the juniors comparisons were made of him and Paul Coffey and as you can imagine that is quite a comparison to fill. I mean during the late 1990's after our first cup win there were not many Devils fans believe it or not that would not be opposed to dealing him back then because we were dissatisfied with his less than Coffey numbers. My God, what were we thinking?

Because now Niedermeyer is the prototype defenseman that every team wishes for, he can score on a pinch, and if not still get back on defense as if he never left the point. He has won three Stanley Cups, a Gold Medal and a World Cup, not many of today's defenseman or NHL players for that matter can claim that and in every single team triumph that he was a player in his play was always clutch.

And if he leaves the Devils I will be crushed completely and the team that is lucky to sign him, the last thing they should worry about is if he fits on the team.

Players like Niedermeyer you work the defense around him, not the other way around. He's that ****ing good.

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