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Originally Posted by chaosof99 View Post
I don't think the team needs an alternate at all, and if there needs to be, I don't see a reason to make a new one rather than the black Reebok, or at least the black one from the early 2000s. I do like the 80s-90s jersey that's already been posted, but why have another orange jersey?

Anyway, using anything but orange, black and white would be completely retarded. These are the team colors, and any other color is not a team color. This was one of my main points of the Penguins using their Winter Classic jerseys as alternates, as well as the Canadiens alternate jerseys in their centennial season. If it's not your team colour, it's not your team color.

However, I've recently come across this in the depths of the internet:

There's also a number of other sports-logo amalgamations running around these days. Only saved this one though. The artist made a terrible mistake though. See if you can find it.

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