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01-06-2011, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by laufer72 View Post
It's not the first time your "Corsi analyst" takes stuff out of context. Corisi ratings have many factors that need to be taken into the contest, but also some that must not be involved. Relationship between "zone time" and Corsi rating is one that is a great example. If you look at the whole picture, you'll understand that what he produced and calls "adjusted rating" is something that very much takes a "who is on the ice" factor in the calculation. Malkin's rating for that particular year was bad, but you have to take in consideration that he had to drag Peter Sykora (who also prominently negative rating is displayed on his list) and Ruslan Fedotenko on his ass almost whole season. Things like that need to be understood if you want to pull the card of something like advanced statiscics, what basically Corsi is.

Hey man, i agree. In my mind Corsi is basically a more telling +/- stat. Neither of which are without fault. That being said, the way in which i used it i believe was fair. A response to Malkin's great defensive play based upon takeaways (which are a horribly deceptive defensive stat). It by no means gives the whole picture, but its not to be ignored either. I dont think it was out of line to use it in the context I did. Especially when coupled with official scouting reports on Malkin (renowned for a lazy back check which leads to bad penalties, bad giveaways in his own zone).

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