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Originally Posted by Blueshirt Special View Post
First of all, you started the attack with the "little girl" comment. I didn't attack any poster or even disagree with any specific poster in my OP. I merely stated that dislike the blocked shots as a strategy. So yeah, that's a twerp comment.

I never said we should not block shots. I said they overuse that tactic. I said "as a strategy is sucks". When you are blocking shots you are basically standing still, hence the "cone" comment. I asked how that helps puck possession, where's your answer to that?

I mentioned The Red Wings, any stats there? Yeah, I know we don't have that kind of talent, but our forecheck is what has been the difference this year not stupid blocked shots.

"Notice we've blocked many more shots than last year and thus have let in significantly less goals?" Says who?!

Disgruntled? I love this team. Now who's talking out of their ass.

I am not a professional athlete, pretender, wannabe. I am a spectator and a fan of hockey, and in my opinion the blocked shot strategy, to the extent that the Rangers (and other teams) have been using it over the past few years because of the newer technology equipment, is a detriment to the game. It's not what I want to watch.

Respect that.
This argument gets more ridiculous as it goes along. You just dont get it I guess.

What the rangers PLAYERS do is not really a strategy. It is just the way they play. When they're playing the game they are not going into saying ok we have to block "x" amount of shots. No, what they do is go down and block a shot when the situation presents itself. I'm sorry but you just sound ridiculous, there's no other way of putting it. This isn't some "tactic" or "strategy." If Anisimov does not go sliding down in front of the rebound shot in the 3rd period last night against Carolina, they probably would have scored.

And you cant always have the puck so I really do not know where you are going with that. You do realize you are going to have to play defense. No you cant just always go and get the puck. These are NHL players. Some one comes at them and they are skilled enough to get around him. You may see it as them being "cones" but when you're in your own end playing defense it is them getting in shooting lanes. Good example was Fedotenko last night, who after bruising his hand pretty bad in florida, was going down i believe on the PK in the 1st period to block a shot. The shot was not taken. The point man was forced to move and reposition himself twice because Feds kept going down and taking away the lane. Not to mention when you do go down, you force a shooter to shoot high which helps make Henrik's job a lot easier. This whole crap you're trying to push for about puck possession is weak and unnecessary argument. You recover the puck when you block the shot, it goes wide from taking away the shooting lane, or when you force them to pass to a teammate that you put pressure on because he is most likely on the sideboards with less of an angle to shoot at the net. That is hockey. Maybe you should pay a little more attention.

As for your other insane statements, because really thats what they are:

We are not the Red Wings. Plain and simple. We do NOT have that kind of talent. We do not have Zetteberg and Datsyuk. We don't have Lidstrom manning the point. It is a totally different developed team.

We have blocked more shots this year. Our record is better than last year. Hmmmmm...maybe there's some kind of correlation. But maybe you just refuse to acknowledge that.

Not sure how I'm talking out of my ass? You can love a team all you want, doesn't mean you're not disgruntled over it. This argument came out of nowhere and YOU, and YOU ALONE, are the only one making it.

NO, there won't be a rule change on BLOCKING A SHOT. Christ this is just awful reading these comments from you because you keep arguing something that is part of the game and you simply dont realize it. I'd venture to say that you never played ice hockey competitively based on the comments you are making. Yeah there are rule changes for hits to the head. That is a lot different then blocking a shot.

And it's not what you want to watch? Ok so then dont watch the game because it is not going to change. You dont think its fun and entertaining fine, that is your opinion. But then like i said just dont watch. This is a blue collar hardworking team and I love it. I love the fact that this team will go down and block a shot in a regular season game. They've been doing it since game 1. That shows me that these players aren't just here to collect there paycheck. They bleed blue, they wear their heart on their sleeve, and they want to win. That matters to me as a fan. Yeah I don't like that there is the risk of injury when they block a shot, but that is like i've said, part of the game. The fact that these are the type of players we have makes me think there is the possibility that this team could do serious damage in the playoffs even if we are a really young team. They will do whatever it takes to win. That is all you can ask for as a fan. I'd rather them go down and block a shot to potentially save a goal and risk a serious injury then stand their and let it get by them.

You can argue all you want but you're wrong. I agree blocking shots is not pretty but I would never want it out of the game. There is nothing else to respect about what you're saying

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