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06-26-2005, 09:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Liquidrage
Yeah, I think it's safe to say his future in the NHL is at wing.
Agreed. But he's got value as a 5th center when someone goes down.

Originally Posted by Liquidrage
I also think, knowing Hitch, that in close games when he's rolling 3 lines, that Richards might be the center of the "3rd" line, and Carter's playing wing. We don't need to roll 4 lines all game. And we won't. But Richards game seems like the type of game Hitch is going to love. And with Hitch caring about the little things and defense, Richards would, IMO, be the likely guy to center a line late in a game as opposed to Carter.

Which would mean Carter's seeing time at wing on some line. Don't know how fair it is to a rookie to move him around that much. But I don't see Hitch rolling 4 lines all game, 2 of which are centered by rookies. Obviously Primeau and Handzus are going to get the bulk of the ice time at center. And with JR, Gagne, Knuble and Kapanen, I think the bulk of ice time surrounding those two centers are set when the game is close. But then again, I can't see Hitch rolling out a line of Richards, Carter and Sharp/Radio/Stevenson late in a close game either.

Watching our roster fill out this year should be fun to say the least.
I agree. But you're talking about only a couple of minutes of ice time for Carter at wing, and only twice a week probably. There's going to be games with a 3 goal lead or that they lose where that's not going to be a scenario.

Also, we have yet to see what free agency brings. I can easily see the Flyers bringing in an inexpensive journeyman wing/center to play wing for the most part and center in those types of situations. And then of course moves they'll make as the season progresses.

It's lining up to be a very fun season.

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