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06-26-2005, 10:35 AM
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Originally Posted by PitkanenPower
Now, about this supposed "cap problem." Someone check my thinking and math here...

15 Players $34,680,000

Now, I think it's a foregone conclusion that LeClair and Amonte get bought out. I also think Brashear gets bought out too. At 2/3, that makes the team salary drop to $30,346,667.
I think you are wrong here, the two thirds is what we pay the players not to play for us, but does not count towards the cap. Buying out LeClair, Amonte and Brashear wipes their salary from our cap total and brings us down to $21.7 mil after the roll back. The latest I have heard about the cap is $39.5 mil including non salary costs (about 2.5 mil per team). That leaves $15.3 mil in room uder a $37 mil cap.

throw in $7 mil to sign Esche, Johnsson and Gagne, $2.4 mil for Carter and Richards (this could be as low as 1.7 or as high as 3 depending on what is finally worked out in the CBA), Seidenberg, Sharp and Radio for $2 mil or so, and we have about $4 milion is cap room to sign a defenseman.

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